Some Posts Have Moved

Looking for something and can't find it? I've moved non-work-related content to my personal domain at https://allensnook.com - it's part of trying to draw a clearer distinction between work related things (WordPress and WooCommerce) and everything else. All the posts, including the popular Harley Davidson LiveWire Bluetooth debugging posts (1, 2, and 3), have been … Continue reading Some Posts Have Moved

PunchThrough’s Ultimate Bluetooth Guide for iOS

I just came across this wonderfully detailed guide to iOS CoreBluetooth written by Gretchen Walker of PunchThrough. It goes into the details any iOS developer should try to keep in mind when integrating with Bluetooth devices. It is very much worth bookmarking and referring back to. I also heartily recommend their wonderful iOS app for … Continue reading PunchThrough’s Ultimate Bluetooth Guide for iOS

iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch Radio Subsystems (Index)

This post serves as a brief summary of the technical specifications of the many radios in the Phone, iPad and the Apple Watch and as index for easier deeper exploration into each. Most of these are very broad categories (for example, there are many types of Bluetooth with differing data rates) and I’ll be linking … Continue reading iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch Radio Subsystems (Index)

Engineering “Smell”

In software development, a phrase that gets used frequently is "code smell" - referring to an "odor" that code has or develops due to poor initial design or inattention to refactoring during continued development or maintenance.  Hallmarks of "code smell" include things like copying and pasting blocks of code instead of refactoring into callable functions, … Continue reading Engineering “Smell”